Greetings from the Karachi Farmers’ Market!!

We are pleased to advise you that our next weekly edition of The Karachi Farmers’ Market will be held at the Haque Academy. Phase 8, DHA every Sunday, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (Pakistan Standard Time).

Facts such as an increasing number of visitors to the Market along with their express desire to have it held every week and the growing expenditure made by the consumers at the Market, clearly indicate that the concept of an authentic Farmers’ Market in Karachi is fast taking root. This would never have been possible without your support.

Spot surveys at the Market Exit show that KFM visitors are finding it to be a trustworthy place to source wholesome food supplies for their families. Indeed, at KFM you will find the purest of organic and natural products such as:

- Spices
- Fruits
- Cheese of all kinds and flavors
- Breads
- Jams, Jellies and other preserves
- Honey
- Chutneys and Achaar
- Chicken
- Deep Sea Fish
- Hormone free milk, Butter, Cream, Yogurt and other Dairy products
- Ghee and Cooking oil
- Eggs
- Wheat and mixed grain Flour
- Vegetables and Fresh Herbs
- Potted Vegetables and Flowering Plants and Herbs
- Prepared Foods

to name a few!

There will be many other excellent products that you will find at the Market.

Please do introduce at least one Friend, Neighbor, Colleague or Relative to the Market. The best way to support this nascent effort is to introduce people to the Market who you feel are interested in providing their families pure, naturally prepared and organically raised food. Ultimately, increased volumes mean lower prices for all of us!!

See you at the Market on Sunday!!


-The Karachi Farmers’ Market Committee